We are now hiring for many different Veterinary specialisms across England and Wales!

The positions we can offer will depend upon your level of English and your work experience.

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Official veterinarian

Official Veterinarian

Operate as the Team Leader in plant by line managing and providing technical advice to the plant inspection team to ensure the efficient and consistent delivery of Official Controls...

Small Animal Clinician

Small Animal Clinician

Utilising our network of contacts we will seek to place suitably experienced vets into small animal clinics. Experience can be gained through the vaccination clinics we provide via Jollyes.

Meat Hygiene Inspector

Meat Hygiene Inspector

To assist the OV in the post mortem inspection and verification of the Food Business Operator’s (FBO) compliance with all relevant legislation as stated in the FSA Manual for Official Controls.

TB & Gamma Tester

TB & Gamma Tester

Are you a qualified veterinarian? Are you competent at working with large farm wildstock? Are you competent at blood sampling farm livestock? Are you OCQ (V) - TT qualified? We have positions available across the UK.

AVC Export Veterinarian

AVC Export Veterinarian

We have an exciting opportunity for someone self-motivated, ambitous and able to organise work and achieve goals on their own. We have positions with AVC across the UK...


What Position with Eville&Jones suits you?

Scheduled Events

March 2018

Webinar on presentation of Veterinary Opportunities

Leeds - CEU Cardinal Herrera University, Valencia

22nd March, 14:30PM

Presentation of Veterinary Opportunities in the UK

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Iasi

26th March, 11:00AM

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj Napoca

27th March, 16:00PM

April 2018

Presentation of Veterinary Opportunities in the UK

Veterinary Medicine - Universidade do Porto

9th April, 17:00PM

University of Messina

20th April, 08:00AM

Presentation of Veterinary opportunities in the UK

Reggio Calabria

21st April, 08:00AM

Country Rep Details


Andrei Cristi Ungureanu
Official Veterinarian (N3), Eville & Jones

+44 (0) 7469 351 604


Radu Sirbu
Area Veterinary Manager (E2), Eville & Jones

(+44) 0113 284 0400 / 07747 773242


Horatiu Sabau
Meat Hygiene Inspector


Alejandra Besa Morán, MRCVS
Official Veterinarian North England - N4 Eville & Jones (UK) Ltd.

+44 (0) 7469 351 613


Eliza Jankowska
National Resources & Recruitment Manager

0113 284 0400 / 07711165522


Daiva Rasteniene
Official Veterinarian (WW4), Eville & Jones



Maria Tsampazi
Official Veterinarian (WW2), Eville & Jones



Diogo Antas Botelho Lobo Fernandes
Official Veterinarian, Eville & Jones



Benedetto Davi
Official Veterinarian, Eville & Jones



Nicoleta Calin
Support Assistant, Eville & Jones

(+44) 0113 284 0400 / 07964286578


Emma Ford
Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

(+44) 0113 284 0400

Why do we need EU Vets?

VPHA Conference in Birmingham Spring 2016

Starting your Veterinary Career with Eville&Jones


How will E&J help me relocate? What qualifications do I need? What documentation will I need to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons? What is the medical cover in the UK? All of your questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions document. Download Now ...

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