The leading supplier of official
veterinary controls throughout Europe.

Eville & Jones is committed to the safeguarding of public health and to maintaining the food supply chain through all our essential activities, while ensuring the protection of animal welfare. We highly value both our customers and our family of dedicated professional people.  We get it done, we do it well, we make a difference.

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We’ve launched thousands
of veterinary careers

Our people are the reason of our success, and the success is our people destination.

We have launched 1000 of veterinary successful careers in the UK and globally. Supporting new graduates to build their career and experience veterinarians to focus and develop awarding career within food safety sector is our mission. People are our passion and strength.

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Our portal veterinary inspection team is able to provide all customer border inspection post needs.

These services can be provided on a short or long-term basis and the service type can be closely tailored to meet the requirements of individual customers, whether a Competent Authority, or a private industry client.

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