Don’t get caught out in January 2021

If you export meat, dairy, fish or other products of animal origin or germplasm to Europe, all your consignments will need to be checked and certified by an Official Veterinarian from 1st January 2021.

Many exporters are unaware of the new rule, despite it being one of the most seismic trade changes in the last 46 years as a smooth freedom of movement to and from EU countries ends. Among them are those who have never had to secure disease-free certification from an OV before and are entirely unfamiliar with the process.

Those who are not prepared for it will be hit by major supply chain disruption and loss of competitive advantage.

We will handle all your new Export Health Certification needs, 24/7 and UK-wide

With over 700 Official Veterinarians, Meat Inspectors, and Certification Support Officers throughout England and Wales, Eville & Jones has unrivalled size, agility and expertise to manage your export certification needs at a competitive price without fuss or stress.

From global household names to local exporters, Eville & Jones provides all businesses with specialist veterinary and technical expertise 24/7, to ensure their shipments are fully compliant. We then issue an Export Health Certificate (EHC) for each load that verifies its origin, content and hygiene.

We are trusted by over 100 exporters with all their consignments and are long-experienced with integrating the checking and certification processes seamlessly into the supply chain, ensuring that loads can be dispatched to the tightest of schedules.

No other UK company has a qualified, specialist talent pool as large or as expert as ours. Our recruitment and resourcing operation have already geared up to cope with the expected increase in export certification demand.

Free consultancy to help you prepare

Eville & Jones is also providing a free consultancy service for exporters in the run-up to 1st January 2021, which explains the new requirements and your new responsibilities in simple terms – and how we can support you.

Contact now to find out how we can ensure your business continues to export profitably after Brexit.